Teaching Team

Qualified personnel in early childhood education

At our Party Early Childhood Education Centre, in Marbella, we have highly qualified staff. A team of experts made up of a psychologist, teachers, technical specialists, and assistants; always in continuous training, doing innovative courses on new methodologies year after year. It is a team that works both on your personal development within the field of early childhood education and on improving the methods we develop in our centres and always maintaining a firm commitment to its work.
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Pedagogical Attention

In our centre we have a psycho-pedagogical care service, not only to monitor the correct development of children, aimed at enhancing learning processes in different academic situations, in individual work and at their own pace, but also to advise on any questions that parents may have. The primary objective of this free service is to provide psycho-pedagogical support to children and families
on the different issues that may arise.

Bilingual team

We have an excellent bilingual team qualified and trained to practice in both the English and Spanish language; capable of teaching a new language in an enjoyable and fun way. Our method is fundamentally based on the diversification of one’s possibilities when expressing yourself in both languages, promoting communication and participation. We focus everything on mutual understanding of others and provide them with the tools they will need to express their emotions, ideas, and feelings.

Early childhood education centre authorised by the education department.

Our Private Early Childhood Education Teaching Centre is authorised by the Department of Education of the Government of Andalusia and works in accordance with the regulations that regulate our activity and the methods we develop.

Party Early Childhood Education Centre, in Marbella, a group of qualified professionals